2018 and the Promises

This is my first post for 2018. 🙂

Happy New Year everyone especially to the one who’s reading this right now. Everybody says that there are a lot more to be thankful for in every year that passes by our lives. As for me and my family, togetherness is the biggest thing we can be much more thankful for among other things considered. Staying and celebrating every big and meaningful event of every year is what we cherish the most despite not having much on the table or even nothing at all. Last Christmas celebration was very simple yet we had a great time chatting and recounting all the blessings we have for the year. This New Year’s celebration was also rather simple yet celebrated with much more meaning because we (the family in the Philippines) are together in spite of the weather. Yes, we miss our sister and her family in the States but thanks to advanced technology, we were still able to greet each other a wonderful New Year. We prayed for each other and that’s what matters most. I hope that we can still have a lot more years to celebrate big events in our lives and that there will be more blissful years and countless blessings that await us this year and the next.

Friend, I hope you had wonderful celebrations in your home as well. A wonderful and wishful greeting from me and my household! All together let’s all focus on the great things and excitedly claim all the best things in store for us this year.

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