Epiphany of a Life Well-lived – Journal Entry 1.0

My first attempt to write a short story from scratch/impromptu starts tonight. Well, let me try.

Title:  Epiphany of a Life Well-Lived – Journaling 1.0

I have been dreaming of a nice life all my life. Since I was a kid, I’ve always envisioned myself sitting in a table, holding a pen, and waiting for papers to be signed for my approval. It would be like that, I thought. However, life really has full of surprises. In fact, right now as I am scribbling the keyboard for this entry, I am not sitting in a big room waiting for papers to sign and none of my dreams when I was a kid came to reality. Ah life is a joke, I said. I am old. I cannot fulfill all my childhood dreams now.  I guess I just have to give it up. At hindsight, I can tell that my inner voice is whispering me another thing. That, in fact, I can do it. There is no limit and age is not a primary limitation to accomplishing and doing what I really love. Ask me what I love, I said as my grandson is coming towards me. He said, “So, what do you really love to do grandpa?” To be a very successful business man, philanthropist and travel around the world with my family and friends, I replied. His round brown eyes sparkled in surprise and he said with full conviction, “Why not?” Now, this is my motivation and starting point. Just like the start of a soccer match where everyone can hear the sound of a whistle, is what I’ve just heard very clearly. This, I think, is the great start of where I would be in three years and I could imagine how would my grandson at would be eight years old said to me in reply to the same question I’ve just asked him on this wonderful afternoon in autumn.


Sometimes, I just find myself in this kind of state where my mind wanders and I just allow it to dictate my fingers on the keyboard. Surely, there will be a continuation to this but not the soonest possible time, I guess. So, let me ask you, what do you do whenever you find yourself in this same situation?

Have a great day friends! Carpe diem! 🙂

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