Family is Everything

There is only one thing that remains when everything is gone for sure. That being said is the family. I say that because they are the ones who are there through thick and thin no matter how bad the gap or how deep the misunderstanding that ends in years-long fight and cold shoulder treatment. I’ve seen and heard a lot of stories about this and my family is not exempt as well. Yes, we do have been through a lot of these as well that is why I have the guts of writing this post. If there is one important learning that I keep is that love is always the bottom line of everything. Support and understanding is always there no matter how one disagrees a point or a decision made. Well, as a Filipino family, we don’t take things too seriously for the most part and we “always” take a little joke or smile no matter how bad things become at times. Anyhow, at the end of the day, no matter how far we may live from each other, we always have one thing or place to call home. That is, in each house there is or are a lot of hearts loving each other which we call home. My friend, there is home in every person’s heart and no matter where life leads us there is always a home to go home to. Happy Thursday everyone! Smiles.

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