Family Reunited at Last

There is no better feeling than being reunited with one’s family. My son and I finally got to go home and be reunited with my husband after a year and two months of staying away from each other. Last year was one of the most challenging part our family since we had to make a drastic decision to live separately to make ends meet and catch up with the house’s long over dues. Now, that we are back here in our simple abode, I can say that there is no better feeling than just be at home with the family. This morning, we finally get to enjoy a very simple breakfast and sip warm coffee sitting across each other like we used to. The warmness of the cup sends a very heartwarming feeling knowing that I am going to get to enjoy this every morning with my family. Our son, too, is having a great time watching his favorite YouTube channels real time. Thank you Lord for this great blessing! 🙂


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