First Post and Welcome Note

Hello everyone! I am in great awe this time for this wonderful gift of finally owning a website to maintain and hopefully religiously put my random thoughts in writing. Thanks to my ever supportive and loving sister, Belle, for giving me a lot more chances to practice one of my passion – writing.

As a working mom for about two years, I did a lot of sacrifices just to balance between my family and my career. It did not end as I expected it to be, so now, I am doing a lot of work at home trying to do what I love which is teaching English as a second language to Asian learners.

Now that I am doing a lot of work at home, I still try to balance everything that is why I am so happy to get this website up and running.  I hope you would enjoy reading my not-so-non-sense rants and ideas here as much as getting so excited to put down my excitement into words.

Thank you very much for dropping by and I hope you would come and visit my site soon. God bless and take care! 🙂



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