How grateful I am for God’s blessings in my life – Praise Him forever!

When one day, I was listening to the song of Don Moen over and over again, then there’s a little voice in my head in which I believe the voice of my angels from heaven, that I need to call the insurance of the one who dented my car, then while talking to the assessor, I was doing praise and worship deep in my heart, on that day, I was having an approval of the $1,600+ auto accident claim for my car repair. On that day, I said that “Thank you God for the repair of my blue car” – I said this many times over, and I got the immediate result. I was thankful to God and I am even thankful right now. The schedule of my car repair will be this 18th of August but then when I looked at my blue car, I see it as it is fixed already and it is a whole brand new car once again. I sing praise and hymn to God. Glory to him in the highest as he is the source of all good things on Earth! God’s ways are so powerful as he owns everything good in the world. Thank you God for your immeasurable blessings. Thank you so much!