Life Gets in the Way

As a mother bee at home, I always get overwhelmed every time I lost track of what to do for the day. Even though I only have a son to look after still life gets in the way sometimes. I always loose focus especially when we have unexpected visitors at home and or there are other neighbors bugging my busyness┬áduring the day. As a busy mother as well, the following are my simple tips to avoid being overwhelmed of the day’s duties:

  • Keep a to-do list and check it every time a task is done.
    • Keeping a to-do list every day is a key to a more organized and well programmed day.
  • Work with an alarm clock and keep monitoring finished tasks for the day
  • Do not procrastinate tasks and keep everything moving to avoid clutter and backlogs
    • It is, by the way, very important to take mini-breaks in between tasks during the day so as to avoid fatigue and boredom. Stay at home can become boring sometimes! Grins.

At the end of the day, always have time to take time all for yourself such as watching your favorite show on TV or a nice movie before dozing off to bed. This way, you will feel recharged and ready for the next days’ challenges. Always consider as well to go to bed early, I mean, not as late as midnight, though.

So, to all busy momsies like me out there, cheers to a more fulfilling and happy journey to motherhood! Smiles.

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