My Idea on Working Online at Home

Looking back on the great times of my successful career makes me even more hopeful of my current situation. Being a homebased working mother isn’t easy. I guess most homebased working mothers agree to this. As for me, my greatest challenge in working at home is time management. I feel that this is my weakest point this far since I quitted work last September 2016. I’ve come this far with the same problem. Asking other mothers who work online at home doesn’t seem to work for me because the problem is on how I deal with daily distractions when I work while my child is around and awake. I easily get distracted and when I do, I always find myself losing focus and in the end give up on what I’m doing. Finally, at the end of the day, I always find myself frustrated and disappointed at myself. Well, I know this is not the time for me to focus on the negativity about working online while at the comfort of staying at home. I wish I could find the best way possible for me to keep back on track this year! Here I am again thinking out loud. I believe I need to really to follow strictly my schedule and discipline myself especially on managing my time wisely. Pardon my rants MomsieNookers. Until then. 🙂

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