Of Noisy Neighbors and Sleep

I had a very bad quality of sleep last night. I mean, we. My son and I slept, finally at past midnight last night. Unimaginable, right? Anyhow, to cut the chase, my husband and other neighbors had a talk this morning about filing a complaint about what’s been happening in our block this week. They also called the attention of our roving security guards especially those who are on graveyard shift to keep monitoring as well to really see and control should the same incident happen this week. Huh! I couldn’t handle the same situation should they have another party and drinking session later. Please, not on a weekend  people for crying out loud. Right, I know you can relate to this rather unfortunate and unlikely situation. If this happened in your neighborhood, what would be your reactions and solutions? Please let me know. Perhaps, I’d secure myself a pair of earplugs later, heheh.

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