On Point. On Gratefulness

There are a lot of things to be thankful for in this world. One thing is our family and a home to shelter us from anything. As what my mom keeps on telling us that a home is not a home unless there is a family living in it. Therefore, we must be thankful that despite any obstacles in life, we are still together as one family. Every time I watch this TED video on www.ted.com, I am always reminded of how much lucky I am for which I should give thanks for every day in my life with my family. Here, the speaker Louie Schwartzberg, speaks with all his heart about how we have to pay attention to nature and its beauty. For in appreciating its beauty lies a deep and personal realization of how we should be grateful for everything that happens in our life. I hope you would enjoy this video – Nature. Beauty. Gratitude. by Louie Schwartzberg as I always do.

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