Online Shop Update: A Funny Blessing

Today is another wonderful day. Let me tell you a funny yet wonderful story of our online shop. This morning, when I checked, a message popped up and it got me so excited. So without thinking and quite expectantly, I checked and it really is another blessing! I felt great and I immediately opened the message and it said, “Please ship the…order”. Yay! I was so happy and when I checked further its details I got surprised and I wondered how come she ordered one! Yes, you read it just right so that’s why I wondered her purpose because her shipping fee is much more than the cost of the item. Anyhow, to cut the chase, I messaged my husband and my sister and they both said no worries because it might be that she just want to make sure or she just wants to try our product. Anyhow, I then scheduled its shipment immediately. Well, you see, life has its ways of surprising us and at times we are even caught up smiling early in the morning just like I did. Smiles from ear to ear. Have a great day every one! 🙂

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