There is No Harm in Trying

Today’s pretty much more wonderful than other days. You know why? It’s because I’ve finally got my first buyer’s items picked up by LBC Integrated at home. Yes, at home! At the comfort of our own home. I guess this is the answer to my questions on how to earn a little while taking care of my family. I quitted work since September 2016 and have been trying on different online work but to no consistent earning. I can’t pursue my online career as an online ESL teacher yet since my son is still very young and he needs me more than any lucrative paying online job out there. This is mainly the reason why I have been asking and looking for ways on how to earn a little without using audio and video on my online work. Thankfully, with chance, blessing, research, perseverance, diligence and tons of prayer that one day we can find a way to earn a little extra income at home comes this wonderful surprise and answer to our prayers (hopefully). I hope that this won’t be the last order to ship but a start of a more promising and stable earning. “Lord you are so great!”, we said as we bid goodbye to the collecting agent this afternoon. Friend, if you were like me, I hope that your prayers would be answered as well. In time, in His time. Smiles.

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